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Our Roots

churchoutsideSpring Branch Presbyterian Church held its first worship service on March 23, 1952, at the Dad’s Club on Voss Road.  In the early 50’s Spring Branch was a rapidly developing community just west of the Houston city limits.

These are some comments from members whose roots of Christian fellowship go back many years.



The church has been a foundation for families in the area. Matt Dikeman was a toddler when the church was founded, but found Spring Branch Presbyterian to be church home where he could also raise his family.

My parents were charter members of SBPC. The other members were their best friends. I was raised with middle class values, Presbyterian theology, and a Protestant work ethic. The people that I met here have been my lifelong friends. God graced me with my BFF, Sarah, and we raised 2 children with the same values with which I was raised. They also made lifelong friends in the church. We are now in the 4th generation from the charter members and are trying to keep the God and friendships strong. — Matt Dikeman

Jennifer Fuller is a third generation member of Spring Branch and is raising her children in the church as well.

When I think about SPBC I think of family. I think of my immediate family who have been active members since my grandparents joined the congregation in the late 50’s. In addition to worshiping at SBPC regularly, our family has had four weddings and five baptisms at SBPC over the years. But, I also think of the congregation who has been like an additional extended family to us for over 50 years. Our “church family” is looking out for us all the time, whether it is giving my elderly grandmother a ride to church when other family members are out of town, or watching over my 20 month old son and reporting back to me something cute he did when they saw him at school during the week in the SBPA. There is a real sense of community and caring at SBPC that is noticeable to everyone who comes to visit. — Jennifer Fuller

You don’t have to have been a member for a long time to feel welcomed and a part of our community of faith. Many people have recently put down new roots with Spring Branch Presbyterian Church.

Margaret Ford moved to the area a few years ago and quickly became involved as a Stephens Minister and now an elder.

When I moved to Spring Branch to be close to two grandchildren, I intended to visit several churches. The first Sunday I attended Spring Branch Presbyterian Church, Louise Riley came up to me and introduced herself. She then offered to sit with me and tell me about the church. The next Sunday Bob Coller came to call that afternoon and told me more. After such a welcome I didn’t try any others. Since then I have gotten to know many of the members and have found SBPC to be one of the friendliest I’ve ever known. — Margaret Ford

Rebecca Rivera and Joel Alegria recently joined the church with their kids.

SBPC has been a complete blessing for our family since the day we stepped in. We visited the church with the purpose of enrolling our children in the Academy. I was attracted to the Wednesday Night Supper since it begins soon after picking up our kids from a long days work. I felt nervous actually- not knowing anyone, but I have never felt this welcomed in my life. We decided to start joining on Sundays with our children with intention to have spiritual stability and to maintain lifelong friendships with such caring people. SBPC is so tight knit, we love the way everyone knows each other from years past and accepts every new comer as one of their own, where the pastor can see you from down the hall and have a huge smile on her face, its comforting. — Rebecca Rivera

A brief history of our striving to be passionate disciples

From the very beginning we strove to serve God and the community.

  • Boy Scout Troop 478 was chartered during the first year and is still going.
  • Even before we had a permanent building, the use of our facilities for community  groups was approved.  We continue to offer our facilities to community groups who are striving to be a blessing to the community.
  • Benevolences supported missionaries in Africa. We have continued to support various missions in far away places
  • With the emerging role of women in 60’s, we ordained women as church leaders.  Women continue to serve as leaders on the Session, as functional leaders, and as teachers.  Currently, our minister is a woman.
  • Scholarships for the study toward Christian service were given to several young men and women throughout the years.  We also have scholarships for women who are seeking higher education.
  • The Prayer Chain was organized early in the life of the church and continues to be a very active part of our church life.  We now have a phone and an e-mail system to let people know of the needs of others.  However, prayer is still our communication method to God.
  • In April of 1970, a day care program (now known as the Academy) opened and has been in continuous operation – even through a fire which destroyed our education building.  The Academy is an integral part of our mission to the community.
  • Formosan, Korean, and Hispanic churches have used our facilities and many of them now have congregations of their own serving our diverse community.

Spring Branch Presbyterian continues these and many more efforts to serve God and the community. As our vision states: “As passionate disciples of God, we live and share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world around us.”

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